2015 - Peruvian Evaluation of Transparency Portals by Defensoría del Pueblo

"Primer Reporte 2015: Supervisión a los Portales de Transparencia Estándar de los Ministerios del Poder Ejecutivo, Gobiernos Regionales y  Municipalidades Provinciales ubicadas en capitales de departamento", published by the Peruvian Ombudsman, presents the results of an active transparency evaluation carried out on the 18 ministries of the Executive branch and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, as well as for the 25 regional governments and the 25 municipalities located in the departmental capitals. The audit was realized between August 6th and September 2nd 2015, the dissemination and updating of the information during the first semester of 2015 having been verified. 
Theme Of The Audit: 
Number of Agencies Audited (Active): 
Compliance Level: 
93% (compliance of Ministries and PCM); 71%(average compliance of regional governments) 50% (average compliance of Municipalities in Departmental Capitals)
Latin America - Caribbean
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Defensoría del Pueblo
Year That FOIA Took Effect: 
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The study evaluates the compliance with the publication of mandatory information referring to 10 information headings for the ministreis and 11 headings for subnational governments, based on the Transparency and Access to Public Information Law and its Regulations, and on other relevant norms according to the type of institution audited. Only those agencies which had up-to-date information published on their Standard Transparency Portals were considered to be in compliance with the parameters of the aforementioned norms. 

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Public Organization
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