2015 - Brazilian transparecy audit on infrastructure works related to the Olympics in 2016, by Artigo 19

"Rio 2016: violações ao acesso à informação no caso da BRT Transolímpica"  presents the results of an active and passive transparency evaluation conducted by the NGO Artigo 19 and municipal, state and federal bodies. This evaluation, conducted from march to june of 2015 analyzed the access to information regarding the construction of the Transolímpica BRT line, within the framework of the infrastructure works related to the Rio Olympics in 2016. 
Number of Agencies Audited (Active): 
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Sites evaluated with "low transparency"
Latin America - Caribbean
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Active and Passive
Artigo 19
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For the evaluation of active transparency, the following items, which should be made available according to the Law of Access to Information, were verified:
- Banner or link to the specific area of access to information;
- Routing, with a maximum of 2 clicks from the homepage, to the e-SIC or toward information of the physical SIC, where it is possible to request information from the evaluated public body; 
- Search boxes or a quick access guide to search for information in the evaluated portal; 
- Information regarding construction works relative to the 2016 Olympic Games ( including specific information about BRT construction works), such as contracts, tenders, schedules and delivery dates, costs and means of financing. 

For the passive transparency evaluation, 54 requests for information were sent to 12 public bodies. The level of transparency in the registration and follow-up systems were assessed, based on 7 criteria. Furthermore, the types of responses and their quality were analysed. The evaluations were conducted using a scale of 0-7 where : 0-1 = no transparency, 2-3= low transparency; 4-5 medium transparency, 6-7= high transparency. 

Experimental Conditions: 

Not informed.

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Means of Making The Request: 
FOIA Portal
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Request Summary: 

Why was BRT chosen as the most convenient means of mass transportation to serve the East Zone of Rio de Janeiro?

Request Summary: 

To what extent will the bus corridors be a legacy for the Municipality?

Request Summary: 

With regard to the BRT Transolímpica, what will the socioenvironmental impacts be and how will the Mayor’s Office and the State Government face these challenges?

Request Summary: 

Why was the environmental license done in a fragmented manner in the case of the BRT Transolímpica?

Request Summary: 

What will be the final path of the Transolímpica BRT line?

Request Summary: 

How many people will be involuntarily displaced because of the works of the BRT Transolímpica?

Request Summary: 

Where are the resettlements and the indemnities of the BRT Transolímpica registered?

Number Of Agencies Audited (Passive): 
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Distribution of Requests: 

The requests were distributed among evaluated bodies in the following manner:
Municipal Department of Transport (SMTR): 6
Municipal Department of Public Works (SMO): 8
Municipal Department of Housing (SMH) : 5
Mayor’s Office: 7
Public Prosecutor’s  Office of Rio de Janeiro: 2
State Environment Institute (INEA): 11
General Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic: 4
Ministry of Transport: 2
Ministry of Employment: 2
Ministry of Sport: 2
National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES): 3
Ministry of Cities: 2