2014 - Peruvian Audit by Defensoría del Pueblo

The report "Segundo Reporte y Balance Anual 2014 Supervisión a los Portales de Transparencia Estándar de los Ministerios del Poder Ejecutivo, Gobiernos Regionales y Municipalidades Provinciales ubicadas en capitales de departamento" presents the results of an active transparency evaluation of 69 public agencies from the three levels of government by the Peruvian Ombudsman Office. To conduct the study, compliance was assessed by the publication and updating of 10 items (11 in the case of subnational governments). The monitoring was conducted between February 2nd and March 6th of 2015, and the verification of the published and updated information took place between July 1st and December 31st of 2014.
Theme Of The Audit: 
Number of Agencies Audited (Active): 
Compliance Level: 
91% (compliance by ministries and PCM) - 74% (average compliance by regional governments) - 47% (average compliance by municipalities)
Latin America - Caribbean
Audit type: 
Defensoría del Pueblo
Year That FOIA Took Effect: 
Year of The Audit: 

The study assessed compliance with the publication of information mandated by the Transparency and Access to Public Information Act, its regulations, and other relevant standards for each institution (10 items for ministries, and 11 items for local governments). Entities were considered in compliance with the rules only if they had updated information.

Experimental Conditions: 

Only information published using the standard transparency platform was considered.

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Public Organization
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