2013 - Chilean Audit by Consejo para la transparencia

Evaluation of the websites from 327 pubic entities in Chile, based on usability and meeting 15 criterion that were considered mandatory information. The research also focused on the procedures to disclosure information and the entities that are responsible for this process. The results were compiled and evaluated for institutions in the health and education sector.
Theme Of The Audit: 
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Compliance Level: 
96,26% (average score of all audited institutions) 94,1% (average score of audited education institutions) 94.7% (average score of audited health institutions) 72.12% (average usability)
Latin America - Caribbean
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Consejo para la transparencia
Year That FOIA Took Effect: 
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The evaluation was based on 15 criterion including 252 items of information that were identified as mandatory.  For each criteria, the audit evaluated the following:
- Existence of website links to all obligatory information and their operability
- Updated information within the 10 first days of the month
- For
 criteria that involved many specific types of information, only one option was chosen to be reviewed
- Control for consistency with other sources (General Comptroller)

Results from the evaluation of mandatory information were reported for all entities, and compiled for agencies from the health and education sectors.
Usability was also evaluated through 24 aspects related to the ease to find and to use information.

The research also focused on the procedures to disclosure information and the entities that are responsible for this process.
Best practices were evaluated by 38 items and reported through a ranking system.

Experimental Conditions: 

The evaluation process was announced in advance to institutions.

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